Circle of Life | Hospice

The Circle of Life hospice care was a portion of a phased plan for a larger campus masterplan. The property consisted of two households of twelve resident rooms surrounding a centralized living area.  The community includes a commercial kitchen, staff offices and support space, living space, and a variety of seating areas.

Visitors enter in through a common area comprised of exposed timber trusses that frame a beautiful vaulted ceiling. Warm inviting finishes and views of the children’s play area and chapel promote a feeling of calmness. The goal was to create an environment that feels like home through the use of stone, wood, and comfortable fabric textures and materials.

Year:             2013
Size:             40,000 sf | 24 beds
Location:     Bentonville, AR

In 2018 Kenyon Morgan Architects joined Bockus Payne. Kenyon and his team of skilled architects, specialized in the design of senior care communities throughout the nation. This project was completed by Kenyon Morgan Architects in 2013.