Crossings Community Church

As one of the largest churches in Oklahoma, Crossings Community Church in Oklahoma City is now a destination with an iconic look. The addition of a 17,000-square-foot chapel and a monumental a 98-foot cross tower, have helped to give the massive church an unforgettable architectural experience.

Visible from several miles away, the tower is a medley of brick and stone, laced with intricate stained glass which shines its delicate hues in the night sky. The chapel itself is quickly becoming a favorite place for people looking to have their weddings. Stone-clad side aisles flank the pews and are bathed in a kaleidoscope of colors which emanate from the stained glass windows which run the length of the chapel. A high canopy of cedar planks and dark wood beams softly pour light into the tranquil space and provide a cap to a truly joyful and pleasant ambiance.

Year:             2009
Size:             18,000 sf (atrium) | 17,000 sf (chapel)
Location:     Oklahoma City