Francis Tuttle - OKC-38
Francis Tuttle - OKC-33
Francis Tuttle - OKC-4
Francis Tuttle - OKC-9
Francis Tuttle - OKC-41
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Francis Tuttle Industrial Technology

Francis Tuttle’s desire to continue their reach and expand class offerings resulted in a new building on their existing Reno campus. The design of the new facility supports the needs of the diverse student population and is reflective of the school's expanded trade offerings -- Industrial Controls, Welding, and Construction Trades.

Indoors, students are greeted by a reception and spacious lounge area which also doubles as a safe room / shelter. Linear lighting runs throughout, providing added interest and a playful edge to the industrious building. Three large bays fill the remainder of the space; each with windows to view trades from the main public corridor.

Year:             2019
Size:             27,325 sf
Location:     Oklahoma City