Red Coyote

Red Coyote Running & Fitness has brought a dynamic approach to Oklahoma's performance shoe scene and they needed store fronts that were reflective of that. As opposed to just selling a pair of shoes and some tee shirts, John and Burke Beck are committed to selling fit. By using the city’s only slow motion video gait analysis system to evaluate each individual customer, the team at Red Coyote is able to recommend a specific shoe that is the right fit for the individual’s running or walking style. This has led to an unprecedented level of customer service in the running & fitness industry in Oklahoma. Cohesive to their approach to customer service, the design of each store is colorful, inviting, and relaxed, centered around the guest and providing them with a unique experience as they shop.

Red Coyote won an Award of Merit at the 2011 Illumination Awards presented by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America. The store was also recognized as one of the top 4 best running shoe stores in America by Competitor Magazine.

Size:             2,750 sf
Location:     Oklahoma City | Edmond