Completion Date: 1995
Size: 5,000 sq. ft.
Construction Cost: $1.1 million

The 1995 addition to All Souls Episcopal Church consists of a chapel, cloister, and inner courtyard. All Souls is an architectural landmark in Oklahoma City. The original church was built in 1954 and is Frontier-Gothic-Tudor in architectural style. The architectural firm of Bockus Payne was hired for their church architectural expertise and master planing.

The chapel is stunning and blends seamlessly with the Gothic-Tudor style of the original church facility. Walking up to the chapel one sees the large gabled entry with vaulted Gothic arches and open sided arches throughout the corridor. Gothic sconces and a chandelier light the entryway. The focal point of the entry is a red wooden double door. As the doors open, parishioners enter and know they are in a special place. The chapel is highlighted by a vaulted wood plank ceiling supported by Gothic style trusses adorned by wrought iron ecclesiastical symbols of the Episcopal Church. Stained glass windows are spectacular and set off by the simple elegance of the architectural design. Wrought iron railings highlight the balcony.

The exterior facade of the chapel and cloister are natural stone walls lending strength and beauty. The landscape design of the inner courtyard is breathtaking and inviting.

In 2002, a Family Life Center was added on the lot to the north.