Completion Date: 2012
Size: 5,223 sq. ft.
Construction Cost: $565,298

Covenant Global Investor's new corporate headquarters has opened on the 30th floor of the Oklahoma Tower in the central business district of Oklahoma City. The architectural space is modern and open with rich textures and materials. The space faces south towards the Devon Tower with a wide expanse of windows providing a magnificent view of Oklahoma City while flooding the space with natural light.

The architectural design tells a navigation story with a nautical theme. Upon entering the space, a compass rose is embedded in the slate floor indicating navigation and direction. Contrasting elements such as slate and wood and steel and glass create a space that is fun and whimsical yet polished and professional.

Slate splits into thin, smooth faced layers giving rich color and texture. The woodwork is stained, book matched maple which adds warmth and sophistication. The use of glass-front offices demonstrates transparency in professional practice while lending modern, clean lines to the space.