EnerQuest Oil & Gas, an Oklahoma City based private oil and gas exploration and production company, contacted Bockus Payne Associates Architects with the desire to construct a distinctive corporate headquarters. After programming the functional needs of the project and getting a feel for the type of architectural design that would reflect the Owner’s mission, Bockus Payne responded with a design which utilized appropriate forms and materials.

The primary exterior material is a shale masonry unit implemented with a variety of scale and color reflecting the earth’s geology. Art deco inspired pilasters grace the entrance with bold geometric shapes and serve as the focal point for the structure. The form and strength of the design gives it BIG impact for a relatively small building of 7100 sq. ft., reflecting EnerQuest Oil & Gas, which creates a big impact for a private independent oil and gas firm.

Interior and exterior walls of the lobby utilize floor to ceiling structural glass flooding the space with natural light. Cantilevered sun louvers over windows and shaded glass filter out glare and heat from the building. The interiors carefully complement the modern lines of the exterior, creating a consistent architectural expression that will stand the test of time.