Completion Date: 2001 Media Center, 2009 Classrooms
Size: 2,265 sq. ft. + 3,960 sq. ft.
Construction Cost: $1.13 million

Russell Dougherty Elementary was originally constructed in 1930. This was one of the first schools built in Edmond and was constructed of Oklahoma red sandstone. Matching the stone was the major design constraint to overcome.

The school had outgrown its current facility and was in desperate need of new space The new addition consisted of a 2,265 square foot library and media room. The design incorporated vaulted ceilings and indirect lighting. Included in the addition was a new librarian office and meeting room.

In 2009, a 3,900 square foot addition was completed on the southwest corner of the building which saw the gain of two classrooms, a music room, and additional mechanical, plumbing, and storage spaces.