Completion Date: 2010
Size: 180 sq. ft.
Construction Cost: $358,000

The goal and challenge of the holocaust memorial was to create a place of remembrance. Various phrases helped convey the honored message of memory. Finally, the phrase, “And there was no one to speak up for me,” was engraved over the entrance to the memorial.

The memorial was designed to accommodate a small group of people. It is approximately 12’ x 15’. Materials were selected for a stark, crude effect such as a bare concrete floor, rough wood posts and beams, plaster mixed with dirt on the walls and a period style bare bulb light fixture. These materials contrast with the focal point – an etched glass wall which repeats the message with the words, “We remember the more than 6 million lives cut short, their visions unrealized. From this memory of despair, flows life and hope”.

Water, representing the lives affected, flows down the face of this glass wall into a pool of black glass gravel. Lives lost are represented by the black glass gravel which flows across the floor in a rigid, controlled pattern and eventually passes through a glass wall to the outside. Blue glass gravel begins to replace the black until, once outside, the channels appear more free-flowing in form and are completely blue in color. This blue color represents the continuation of life and, eventually, a Jewish nation. The blue channels culminate in a garden representing life and this Jewish nation.