Completion Date: 2009
Size: 6,600-sq.-ft. addition; 23,000-sq.-ft. renovation
Construction Cost: $5.9 million

The first building on The University of Oklahoma’s campus, Beatrice Carr Wallace Old Science Hall was originally constructed in 1884 and was rebuilt due to fire in 1904.

A major renovation and rehabilitation endeavor began in 2007 to the 23,000 sq.ft. landmark completely renovating the interior, while maintaining its original character. The facility was given a new roof, new wood clad windows, HVAC and electrical upgrades, fire alarm and sprinkler systems. Brick was tuck pointed and cleaned along with the cast stone.

A 6,600 sq. ft. addition was added to the west and north sides of the building to house an elevator and provide code compliant means of egress stairs, rest rooms and support spaces. The new addition compliments the massing, scale, color, and texture of the original structure.

The $4.6 million transformation has revitalized the facility giving it many more years of service to The University of Oklahoma.