Mid-century and Prairie-Chic

Excerpt from the Oklahoma Magazine article — April 24, 2020

“Can a thoroughly modern home exist gracefully in a traditional, historic neighborhood like Nichols Hills in Oklahoma City? Thanks to the inventive talents of an architect and interior designer duo, the answer is a resounding yes.

The first hurdle in creating this home was building on an angular-shaped lot, along with preserving some mature trees on the land. The owners also wanted to take advantage of the stunning views of the park that winds through the neighborhood, as well as capitalize on natural sunlight while still preserving privacy. Architect Steve Bothell of Bockus Payne and interior designer Dustin Dorr claimed the challenge and rose to the occasion.

Designed with pitched-face stone, the exterior of the home is complemented by smooth stone accent bands and a synthetic, slate-like roof. At key locations, the stone veneer extends into the landscape, further connecting the residence to its impressive site.

The home’s south-facing façade has a characteristically modern appeal, featuring a sculptural roof overhang that seems to float above the main entry roof. Strategically placed fins are angled precisely to provide an unobstructed, yet private, view from the home’s front door. From this vantage point, the homeowners have a magnificent view of the park.”