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Hearts for Hearing

Hearts for Hearing is a non-profit that provides auditory-verbal therapy for all ages with one of the largest teams of Listening and Spoken Language Specialists in the region. They are also one of the largest providers of cochlear implant services in this part of the country. With a mission so noble, an office of their own is well-deserved. Bockus Payne was engaged to design the new home for Hearts for Hearing after years of leasing space that didn’t accommodate their needs.

Bockus Payne has worked closely with the client to ensure that each decision made during the design process upheld the needs and goals of the team at Hearts for Hearing. Some families come to Hearts for Hearing and stay the entire day while their loved ones work with specialists. Mindful considerations were taken to prevent the space from feeling or looking like a “cold” medical facility. The environment is warm, comfortable, and inviting, with colorful accents, art, and childrens play areas. Natural light floods each floor of the building through ample windows. The exterior features limestone, glass and metal panel which helps set the tone for a cohesive experience, both on the exterior and interior.

Year:             2016
Size:             32,000 sf
Location:     Oklahoma City